I’ve been blessed to have met so many great people in my life, been supported by a loving close family, have garnished deep friendships and each time someone helps others, it’s more heart warming now then ever.  

When people I know, people I adore step up for the cause, I become spechless every time.  So very touching and it seems to give purpose to what I went through … for these efforts to help others in all different ways.

This month, I’m asking you to support a close friend of mine and somone that had a tremendous impact on my life personally and professionally.  


An individual that took steps to reinvent his own life to gain better health.  He quit smoking  to lower his chance of facing cancer and then was just sickened to hear I had been hit.  As a man that just a couple years ago was known by his cough, weeze and smokey aroma…now, a 5K runner, an inspiration…and for a cause so dear.  Thank you – you continue to be an inspiration to so many!

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