Coping with Breast Cancer
Meet Sue Ennis

“Cancer by the day” is my personal journey of facing breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatment, AND survival. As stated best by a member of my medical team, it may bring me to hell and back, but this will not kill me. Confirmation of breast cancer by my doctors at 37 years old has been an unexpected, yes scary, and enormous challenge. As in all other areas however, I plan to meet this head on, and conquer it! I have been forced to face anxiety, fears;  spent tear filled days and nights, and unimaginable lows and have come close to the breaking point. It also has given me several gifts, allowing me to take inventory of people and things that mean the most, and recognize the blessings I have been bestowed. Through the angst though, great beauty and purpose suddenly fills me.

This is my new beginning.

I decided to publicly launch across the two weeks before going in for a double mastectomy, as a need to share my story. It will be an outlet to stay in touch with loved ones, and allow friends and family to keep tabs on me.  Those that are close to me know that we have been blessed with a completely diverse and  global network of support.  Our friends and family span the entire globe and cover the 6 continents to which we’ve traveled.  With a strong, loving family that I adore based in England and Slovakia, this site can act as the hug that is needed from me to let them know everything is just fine.  I want them to feel close to all that’s going on across the miles. 

So for you and yours, should cancer ever touch your lives, I hope you will use the website to help navigate the complexities and gleam helpful tips.    My hope is that this proves to be inspirational site for people, and a journal that years from now I can recount what I faced and overcame. This is going to be where I sit, think, plan, reflect, be angry, organize or share each raw honest emotion I encounter.

People often describe cancer as a battle, or a fight. I am still uncertain how I define it, but rest assured I will not surrender. The biggest proponent of stress is said to be a loss of control, so I allowed myself to fall apart for a short while but regained control of the things within my power. I had to arm myself early on.

For me, Weapon 1 was privacy.

The aspect of dealing with this privately first was paramount. I needed to know that I controlled who heard about my diagnosis, and when I would decide to share it with them. I needed to process my emotions with my husband, and family. It was several weeks on our own before we decided to open up to share the news.

Weapon 2 was getting  hundreds of ducks in a row.

Deep dive preparedness for the future to me was not as a sign of future defeat, but peace of mind. When you have children, your first thoughts run to them should something happen to you.  Leaving a legacy behind has always been so important to me, and with a cancer diagnosis at 37, I had to speed round some of the thinking and planning.

Weapon 3 was launching the website

As thoughts were wildly rampant in my mind,  I knew it was time to organize life and take some of those business plans I have been cooking up for years.  Get them out of my head and onto paper.  Some ideas quickly just got trashed, others raised to top of mind to start implementing upon.   Stay tuned…..

My friends who know me well will tell you I am a career woman to the core. Simply put, I am arming myself with direction and purpose. Why am I here? Who am I here for? What am I going to do with the rest of my life since I have been given this new beginning to make a difference? I recognize as I face surgery and continued care I will have more breakdowns. With certainty, I know as the journey unfolds there will be several other weapons I will acquire, on my own or through support of friends and family. The first few have started me on my way.

For visitors that have stumbled upon this site through search or referral, WELCOME!   I hope it will help you feel strength, drive, compassion, and anything else you take away from this or feel the need to share.  Meet Sue Ennis….

Those of you, who already know me, you understand me to be a wife and mother, daughter, sister, aunt, sister, daughter in law and sister in law.  I have a strong sense of family first and consider myself a loyal friend to the end. I am a passionate result driven Marketing Professional. I constantly strive to meet my ultimate goal which has lead to a rewarding path with work and life balance, which I am so very grateful for.

Aside from growing up in a most giving family with parents who sacrificed everything for me and my amazing sister, I have a beautiful brother-in-law, and 3 adoring nephews and the most charming niece.  I also cannot begin to express the love I feel for my husband of 10 years with mere words.

I have always been a planner and a dreamer. This is not a recent phenomenon. You see, at 17, I had big dreams of being a millennium bride. So I announced to my friends I would be getting married on 12/31/1999. You can imagine this proved to be a long running joke, for many years.  It was a joke that existed until I met my prince charming Bruce, who swept me off my feet.  In true Sue Ennis fashion, the most amazing wedding happened on the date I had chosen almost a full decade prior. 

We have lived a charmed life with our “princesses”, our angelic 3 and 4 year old daughters. I have always been a dreamer, but in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a more loving, patient, supportive, thoughtful husband. We have traveled and seen the world together. We have built our lives around sharing the awesome responsibility of molding and shaping the futures of our two gorgeous little girls. In every sense I feel fortunate to find myself living this incredible life with him, and our daughters. The wedding of the millennium was the small dream but our marriage and family, home and extension of friends has been the real fairy tale realized. Bruce fills each of our lives with laughter and love. As we face this new chapter together I am astounded by his ability to still surprise me. When I think he has given me so much, he manages to give even more. I feel so blessed to have him by my side to see me through this.

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