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Dates and Details

February 25-Mammogram
March 15-MRI
March 19-Core Biopsy
March 23-Cancer Diagnosis
April 14-Double Mastectomy
May 24-Oncologist Meeting
June 7 - Starting Tamoxifen Therapy
August 25 - Reconstruction Surgery
August 27 -Yale Second Opinion
August 31 - "Reconstruction" Complete

It has been confirmed:
No Chemo or Radiation is required

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June 2019
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    Archive for the ‘Mental Strength’ Category

    Connecticut in Bloom

    The weather in Florida could not have been better for our Easter trip. 80-85 each day, light breeze, no clouds and at this point, I was there to get a tan!  It just felt so good to be warm and after all the weeks of rain and cold in Connecticut, Florida’s weather was a blessing. 

    To our amazement, we arrived back to CT to 80 degree weather as well!  Hummm, is mother nature on my side too? 

    We arrived home which to me was “the vacation is over” in more than one way.  But instead, the yard had gone into complete bloom…the flowering trees, phlox, hosta, daffodils and even my strawberry plants were awake from winter’s slumber.   The frog pond even started to produce some croaking sounds.  All is coming alive! 

    It’s never a great time to go through cancer treatments, but I have to say, it’s a pretty nice time of year to do it if I have to.

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    The Trail

    As I sit and reflect, some of my greatest days were spent “on the trail”. With two best friends by my side each day after work, we’d hit the walking trail near our homes for a 5+ mile walk.  Each day, we’d make sure to have our stories lined up to talk about, anything and everything to just fill the air and most importantly, to work through any issues we need to do as “friends on the trail”.  We’d laugh and joke, we’d be quiet and sincere, but never once did that walk not do us good.    What happened on the trail stayed on the trail.  5+ miles was always long enough to set the whole straight and we did.  Those were days we all look back on as the times of our life.  Now, I use those days and the strong friendships that still exist to power me through. Love you both – crusty bunches and trail pants, and all!

    Reality is that I now live just two minutes from that trail, and wish I had kept up with it.   So miss the days where it just could happen naturally. 

    As you sit and think of what adds most to your life…I guess the advice I can give is …I realize it’s mostly to “take time”.  Time to walk a 5+ mile trail in it’s tranquility and to give you the needed exercise to let your mind free.  I’ll be making it a regular schedule again now, 15 years after what was our routine and would be pleased to have company hopefully starting in June!

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    NYC Night Out

    Business as usual continued and an invite to join an inspiring group of business owners had been on the calendar for weeks.  My business partner and I were happy to be part of the evening line up.  As  feelings of being overwhelmed continued to creep in,  I thought of how a night out in the city took priority over all the others things on my mind.  The event was a great time to catch up with some amazing people. 

     I departed the event on the early side to meet one of my most dear friends…and the chance to take her out on her birthday!  Bit of me felt selfish for taking her away from her husband and son on her birthday, but on the other hand, it was pretty much the only chance for she and I to catch up before my upcoming surgery and treatments.  Without a doubt, she picked a superb NYC restaurant that was out of this world.  After hours of “girl to girl” catch up and no question too personal to ask,  I felt on top of the world.   As things became more and more real for me, I will never forget sitting across the table from such a strong woman and could only still think “Life is Good”. 

    After dinner, we threw caution to the wind and between raindrops made our way to a rooftop bar — all the sights of NYC and night skyline lights just breath taking.  We set the world straight and always with a chin up, we knew this nightcap would happen again, but the timing just TBD.

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    The Second “10 Days”

    Between my mammogram and the appointment with the breast specialist / surgeon, I took those 10 days to prioritize life.  I would lie to you if I did not say I cried uncontrollable from most of that time…but it had purpose.

    I know assigned myself the next “10 Day” task – to deal, plan and get in control 1000% of everything.  To get myself to a point where I could look anyone in the eye and say, “I have cancer and everything will work out fine”.  I need to know it, believe it and be in control.  It was these 10 days that I knew it was the grunt work. It was the planning of who could or would take over everything and anything that would be on my mind.  The list began.  My team of angels were identified.  They were people that were always willing to help in great times for reasons that they just enjoyed it.  Now, it was going to be for greater need.

    I started the outreach tied to just being busy and need additional help.  Just wonderfully tear producing and the “of course” response from all the various parties.  “Sue, how can we help more” was typically the response…without knowing the real cause of the new found need.  …Thank you is not enough, but you have touched our hearts.

    From prayers to outreach across the miles – thank you.

    From medical professional friend input to the unyielding comfort they provide – thank you.

    From rental properties to tenant management – thank you.

    From closet cleaning to house help – thank you.

    From LaMa Bra management help to sanity checks - thank you.

    From showing me great friendship and the work – life balance way with great timing – thank you.

    From tax preparation and financial planning – thank you.

    From neighborly outreach and on demand dog help – thank you.

    From girls nights out to being able to exhale – thank you.

    From watching our girls to giving them normalcy through this all – thank you.

    All I can say is — we know many BEAUTIFUL people, you know who you are —- you are our team of angels and I have to thank heaven for each of you! …and no, do not think you can reply to thank me :)

    Could it really be cancer?

    Cancer is never a word that you want to impact you or any of your loved ones.  But with the statistics nationally, breast cancer, along with so many other cancer types, are all around us.  From skin cancer to prostate cancer, and from breast cancer to thyroid cancer, I’m guessing there are very few of us that have not been touched by the “c-word” in one way or another.

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