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Dates and Details

February 25-Mammogram
March 15-MRI
March 19-Core Biopsy
March 23-Cancer Diagnosis
April 14-Double Mastectomy
May 24-Oncologist Meeting
June 7 - Starting Tamoxifen Therapy
August 25 - Reconstruction Surgery
August 27 -Yale Second Opinion
August 31 - "Reconstruction" Complete

It has been confirmed:
No Chemo or Radiation is required

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November 2010
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    Archive for November, 2010

    You Have No Idea

    For over a decade now, I’ve been so very blessed to have a man that never once hides his love, devotion and admiration for me.  At any social or family events, he’s always the one to stay up, raise a glass and tell the room (two people or 400) how much he feels like the lucky one to have me and our families in his life.

    One thing that always sounds like a “nice thing” to do .. is to stay the words “I Love You” everyday.  I type here and feel a bit embarassed that I never realized just how special that is and that I’ve just gotten used to that warming feeling each day.  It’s true, over the last 14 years, not one day passes by without me hearing those words from Bruce, nor he from me in return. 

    The only time I don’t hear them back, is when I get to say “I Love You” first, to which Bruce’s long time standing reply is “You Have No Idea”…his expression that the amount of love he has for me is beyond me grasping.  It’s true, until now. 

    I see the beauty so much more than ever before.  Life is Good, Love is Grand…and for me, the love in our house is stronger than ever and in turn, the Best Life has ever been! 

    Let’s all start to wind down and in many ways, look forward to kissing this year good bye, but at the same time, keep opening our eyes for all the beauty around us now and all to come in 2011!

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    Full Deck

    Well, another moment comes to me where I see how much has changed.  We are in VT and clearly in days past, I see that I cleared every deck of cards from our VT house that was not a “full proper deck” with all suits and cards in order. 

    Well, after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at our home with my parents and calls to family across the miles…..we scooted away with the girls for a long weekend.

    As for the cards, I’m shocked out why I threw out all those sets that were missing bits.  At the same time, I know that they nagged me as imperfect,…the beauty is now, I could have loved playing with them and our tiny daughters.  You think they would have cared if there were cards missing?

    So, off we go to start with new sets that will quickly become those with missing cards…but we welcome, “Go Fish”, War” and any other card game we can make up as we go.  Gone is the Sue that needs a 52 card deck!…Welcome 132 cards across three sets and missing bits!

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    The Mind Is A Beautiful Thing

    This weekend, we saw some great friends of ours down in the Poconos.  As always, it was wonderful to catch up, laugh to tears and hurting belly muscles…and at the same time, so surreal to know they were thinking of all I went through without much mention.  There was such a strong connection in “life happenings” across the bunch and various things, but one thing came up that I had not realized.  There was discussion of how nurses are the real troopers and heart felt connections to patients.  The ones that take the time that a rushed doctor might not have time for, or to lend an ear or give a smile or hand hold out of “protocol”.

    I totally agreed and could remember all the lovely nurses I had met after delivering our daughters…but, I sat there with glazed eyes having never realized, I have zero recall of the nurses that took care of me after my mastectomy.  I could remember seeing all my doctors, but not the nurses…I could remember laying in the bed with compression devices on my legs to reduce blood clot risk and signs above my head warning not to take blood pressure in my left arm where a patch of lymph nodes were removed.  I could remember interns coming in…just because I felt they were there to see the “young one” with breast cancer, (probably just in my head)… but didn’t care for them :)

    Anyway, the truth is…your mind shuts down and spares you from reality at times.  It allows you to put blinders on without your control. 

    I’ve been given a book to read…as it was handed to me I was told by a very sharp woman…it’s a real “life changer” to read.   It’s a story about a man that was struck by a bus in NYC and how we coped…I’m only ten pages in, but I just connected the dots as he recalls nothing of being hit.  Not a bad thing I have to say,  I look back and our minds are a beautiful thing to shield us from terror or ill thoughts.  I remember my hospital stay as resting, and not what I’m sure was vital checking and procedures continually.  The mind is truly a beautiful thing.

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    My Big Idea

    Many people know that I’m the owner and founder of LaMa Bra … but most people do not.  It was a sheer heap of non-stop excitement 4-5 years back when I saw it as “my big idea”.

    I’d dream up where it could go, how there was such a niche un-tapped, but then it just went to the side burner.  Initial launch plans didn’t take off as I hoped, if I am completely honest. As a full time working mom with two daughters under two years old, my available time was at a minimum…so it just “chugged” along and with the grateful help of random online searchers that went to click to buy.

    It’s still always exciting when the email orders come in…thank you for all the LaMa Bra customers over the last three years for keeping the dust off the engine!

    But now, I’m working to get that excited spark back and as I start to embark on extending the product line to cover every breast comfort need.

    ….PMS to Pregancy to Parenthood to Post Surgery…gel paks either warmed or chilled in a comfortable, stylish, pocket friendly price point.

    Stay tuned…I’m not sprinting on this one, but I’m moving right along.

    I smile that my “big idea” is still even there to pick up on.  I thank so many people for being behind the scenes keeping the systems going, believing in me, the product … and for supporting me in the next chapter.  Who would have ever imagined it would all come together this way!

    New Trends that Emerge

    For many of you that have seen me lately, you’d easily confirm that I’m on a new track. One that is just a lot less structured than anyone would ever think is possible…but it’s feeling good.

    I just read that statistically, those that “go through what I did” tend to follow their passions and go after new things to use their previously honed skills in a new way. Guess that hit home with me as I sit reinventing me, life, my wants, my needs…all in an effort to be happy. Good track I believe…but I am too much of a planner to not plot where it will go…but I’ll just enjoy the ride!

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