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Dates and Details

February 25-Mammogram
March 15-MRI
March 19-Core Biopsy
March 23-Cancer Diagnosis
April 14-Double Mastectomy
May 24-Oncologist Meeting
June 7 - Starting Tamoxifen Therapy
August 25 - Reconstruction Surgery
August 27 -Yale Second Opinion
August 31 - "Reconstruction" Complete

It has been confirmed:
No Chemo or Radiation is required

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September 2010
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    Archive for September, 2010

    “Left Side” Worries

    A few months back, I sat in my breast surgeon’s waiting room and overhead a woman say, “They should have taken my entire left arm when they took the breast”. 

    I knew I had to be careful with my left side because of the lymph node “patch” that was removed as part of the mastectomy.  As my body adjusts to not having the usual “full system” in place, I’m more prone to infections, swelling and other complications.  But, I’ve been feeling great and have really spared my left arm, lifting everything with the right and in general, nearly hiding the arm from harms way.

    Well, this past week I had a scare.  I awoke at 5am to head home from a business trip and there was a brusied “bubble” on the inside of my left palm.  Something I’ve never seen before, super tender to the touch.  I had slightly extreme pangs of worry wondering what it was.  I had not had an injury to that hand and in fact know I baby it completely. 

    Could this be a sign of a blockage, an early indicator of something else? …do I get on the flight? 

    I’m not one easily paniced, so I kept calm, but on airport arrival, quickly logged on to search vigorously through photos of such bruises.  Nothing.  That actually made me feel good, but I thought, let me be safe.  I snapped a photo of it on my phone and sent it to my breast surgeon, life long friend paramedic and to my husband to forward along to a very valued general practitioner for his input.  This way, by the time I landed in NYC, I’d have some input and it was delightful to have received it on arrival –thank you phone a medical friends, you know how much I value you always being out there for me!

    As for what it was and to make a long story short, it was a spontaneous blood vessel that had burst.  No health issue, BUT it had great purpose.  A strong purpose to make me completely aware of what I might need to act on fast, and that I can no longer just wait for things to go away. 

    So, good thing I adore my medical professional team and medical friends, and pleased to feel it’s reciprocal.  I’d say let’s keep in touch, but there might be reasons to stop by periodically to say hello, and can you look at this?

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    Reminder: Wash the pills down

    OK, I’ve been taking my hormonal therapy pill daily and I typically just take them dry.  Well, that will never happen again.  As I took today’s pill, it just sat at the end of my tongue, top of my throat.  It went no where…and started to dissolve.  Awful taste that lasted so long.  Guess most people would never dream of taking pills without water to wash them down, now I’m one of them.

    And the more I talk to people, including medical professionals, I think I’m going to stop the hormonal therapy.  My risks are so very low that I could be causing my body some issues down the road.  I guess I have my father in me on this one, “I don’t need to take anything”.  That’s the plan, but again, for the oncologist to really approve.  It’s my say, but I’m awaiting a blessing for my decision and then information on what needs to be done to wean off the stuff.

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    Third Review

    I’m really not sure what the standard is in terms of how many rounds of review a set of pathlogy reports can have…but my are in the midst of a third review round. 

    Multiple rounds done not because they see something new, but rather there are some opinions that the cancer might not have been as agressive as the initial review had proclaimed.  In the end, it’s a nice feeling that the cancer details continue to get more incredinly positive for now and long terms effect.  I am never out of the clear, and that’s a known, but good to know that good news can get even better! 

    I’ll get the full details later this week when I see my onocologist and share with you what I learn.  Until then, stay well!

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    After three months of exchanging dates, today worked for me to catch up with a dear friend…someone that has known Bruce since he arrived in America. She’s been a wonderful friend to Bruce and nothing less to me over the last 12 years. Now there’s even more of a special bond between us as I join her decades long commitment to help others face cancer in great spirit and optimal health.

    As we caught up in every area of life, I kept seeing how drive and commitment kept fueling her..and stars are aligning making this the time of her life! Her achievements are great and today, my inspiration is from knowing all the hard work, long hours and good will that got her there! I need to get organized and focused…I’m a planner and time to rework what cancer has derailed and more importantly, to roll in the gifts it’s brought me.

    What should be your drive?

    I’m really happy to see that so many people have taken what’s happen to me in a way that made them question what they really want.   Of course, no one wants cancer to hit them, but as I said from day one…what’s the beauty that can come of this? 

    This weekend we had a lovely times with great friends, it made me define a new theme…”making our house a home”.  We moved into our house 6 years ago, and then quickly focused on two years of pregnancies, and then two lovely daughters.  The house is very comforting, but still at “unrest”.  So, I take on another addition to the “to-do” list and that is one to make things not just organized and in order at home, but to create a setting that really is the most welcoming home to us each day….and to those that visit.  Yes, I can hear you all out there…we may just be ready to move away from the “white on white on off-white” color theme and add some warm colors in. 

    Guess I just want home to be more “home” as our girls start to become little girls….and no longer “babies”.  So we started today and swept off the porch, clear out the dried up plants and replaced their spots with strawberry plants for next season.  Both our girls thrilled to help, sweep, water and run things back and forth.  Nice little Ennis girls project.  It’s the little things …and I think I’ll now head out under the stars and drink a decaf tea before bed!  Capturing the moments where you can is a delight.  Make time for yours :)

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