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Dates and Details

February 25-Mammogram
March 15-MRI
March 19-Core Biopsy
March 23-Cancer Diagnosis
April 14-Double Mastectomy
May 24-Oncologist Meeting
June 7 - Starting Tamoxifen Therapy
August 25 - Reconstruction Surgery
August 27 -Yale Second Opinion
August 31 - "Reconstruction" Complete

It has been confirmed:
No Chemo or Radiation is required

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June 2010
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    Archive for June 3rd, 2010

    How’s Bruce?

    There are very few people that check in with me that don’t automatically next ask how is Bruce. 

    Naturally, those that know me, know “us” and our bond to each other.  I’ve been blessed to have been given the most warm hearted, giving husband and also proud, most loving daddy.  But it’s been hard for me to see the toll this has taken on him.  Good thing the man is an amazing athlete and steps up the game when you think there’s nothing humanly left.

    Speaking of his sport and friendships.  I’ve been so very touched by the outreach and support of  his squash mates, the soccer crowd over the last 12 years …..and even folks from his days on the cricket pitch…..and not to mention, in general, many friends from here and all over the world as you can see from the visitor map.  You are amazing people. I’ve been thrilled to meet you through Bruce, and your support on this journey has been so very helpful to me, and as important, if not more, to Bruce.

    We have not had an easy last few months, but Bruce is doing amazing well, all joking aside.  His strength through this all with me and other related strains has been, simply put, heaven sent.  So I thank all that have sent prayers for me/us, as they have been diverted to the places and people that need it most in my life.  

    I know I was held in angel arms of strength going into this.   Now when I feel this is the worst part for me where the care of doctors and procedures starts to go away, and you are on your own.  Bruce knows just what to say, what to do and how to be all that I need in life.  So, as I struggle with getting back to “normal”, Bruce just sees everything as OK and loves me even more, if that was possible!  I’m a lucky girl …(he’s been telling me that for 12 years+ and I so know it!)

    Love you honey and thank you for always loving me.

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